Fraglia Vela Riva 8-12 May
Delta Lloyd Regatta 21-25 May
Sail for Gold8-13 June
Kieler Woche22/26 June
Semaine Olympique Franšaise9-13 Oct

Scheidt/Prada together in Kiel, but separate on the water


The new race format for the olympic classes at the Kiel Week makes the result lists more dynamic.

 After the first two racing days, the sailors have only taken their position as a point score into the first elimination round. So the first race of the best teams almost starts from scratch until the decision in the evening, which six teams per class will reach the finals in the eight olympic disciplines.

After the first half of the races, in the so-called Gold Fleets, German teams are likely to make it into the top three in seven classes. The 49er sailors Erik Heil/Thomas Ploessel (Kiel) and their class colleagues Victoria Jurczok/Anika Lorenz (Kiel) are even leading the fleet at the end of the elimination round.

Heil/Ploessel could continue with their good performance from the preliminary round into the first day of the Gold Fleet and took the lead away from the Austrian duo Nico Delle Karth / Nikolaus Resch, who fell back on position three after a mistake at the start. „The conditions today were extremely difficult. Because the wind sometimes came from the shore, sometimes from the open water. But we got all four starts pretty well and then used the gusts to come up“, said Thomas Ploessel. His helmsman Erik Heil pointed out their high ambitions: „In the previous year we were in third position at the Kiel Week, now we are motivated to make it again into the top three and are confident“

Even a German quartet could influence the decision in the women's skiff. Victoria Jurczok/Anika Lorenz from Kiel are leading the class in front of Tina Lutz/Susann Beucke (Bergen/Strande). Leonia Meyer/Maren Hahlbrock (Oldenburg/Kiel) and the sisters Jule and Lotta Goerge (Kiel) are still in a good position after becoming fifth and seventh.

The men in the 470 is dominated by the Swedish Anton Dahlberg/Fredrik Bergstroem, in the women's class the Dutch Afrodite Kyranakou/Anneloes van Veen are in first position. 

The athletes from the host country take an outsider's role. As the best German Uli Breuer from Wismar could move onto position twelve, but it is still a long way into the finals. Anything else than a British victory in this class would be surprising. Mark Andrews is defending the top position in front of Andrew Mills. Brasilian Bruno Prada in position eleven has hardly any chance for the finals.  But he nevertheless drew attention to himself, since he came to the start with the recommendation of two olympic medals in the Star class. „The Finn has changed a lot in the last years. It became very physical being allowed to pump in winds of 10 knots or more. Knee and back: Everything hurts! “, said Prada, who is hoping to have a comeback in the Star to be able to start with his friend Robert Scheidt in his home country Brasil.  Otherwise he wants to give it a try in the Finn.  Scheidt has proven in the Laser that he still knows what he is doing and is leading the Kiel Week fleet, while Philipp Buhl from Kiel is watching him from rank four. „I watch him very closely, what he does and learn a lot. Robert always has the overview and is confidently sailing to the front. He makes others do the mistakes. I am lacking the patience“, says Buhl. Scheidt likes the tricky and changing conditions at the Kiel Fjord.  „It's my 14. time here - since 1993. It is always a good wind mix. My dream is to compete in the games 2016 in Rio and then stop my career and look more after my kids. The best would be sail in the Star. Until the end of the year, Bruno and I will see, what happens and sail separately", said the two-time Olympic Champion in the Laser. 

In the Laser Radial, Paige Railey from the USA makes her way. The three-times Kiel Week winner benefits from the new scoring system, that downgrades the preliminary runs. After a mistake at the beginning, she keeps on sailing at the top since the final round. In the new olympic Nacra 17 Tim Shuwalow/Hanna Klinga from Sweden are leading.




2.4mR: (9) 1. Heiko KRÖGER (Ammersbek,1(3)1/1/1/1/1/1/2) Punkte12; 2. Lasse KLÖTZING (Berlin,5(8)4/3/5/3/4/2/1)35; 3. Barend KOL (NED,2/1/5/2/3/6(8)5/8)40; 4. Per AHRBOM (SWE,4/6/3/4/2/7/5(10)4)45; 5. Henrik Johnsson (SWE,(24)5/2/6/6/5/2/3/10)63; 6. Christoph TRÖMER (Horneburg,7/4(8)7/8/2/3/4/6)49;


49er: (Finales Tag 1) 1. Erik HEIL / Thomas PLÖßEL (Kiel,2/2/4(10)1) Punkte 19; 2. PAVLE KOSTOV / PETAR CUPAC (CRO,3/3/6/3(10))25; 3. Nico Luca Marc DELLE KARTH / Nikolaus Leopold RESCH (AUS,1(17)12/1/4)35; 4. Jan Hauke ERICHSEN / Max LUTZ (Glücksburg,5/7(19)6/8)45; 5. Justus SCHMIDT / Max BOEHME (GER,9/12/3(23)6)53; 6. Will PHILLIPS / Rhys MARA (AUS,4/8/10(20)13)55;


49er FX: (Finales Tag 1) 1. Victoria JURCZOK / Anika LORENZ (Kiel,1/3/2/1(4)) Punkte 11; 2. Tina LUTZ / Susann BEUCKE (Bergen,2/2/1/2(6)) 13; 3. Tessa PARKINSON / Chelsea HALL (AUS,3/1/3(8)1)16; 4. Olivia PRICE / Caitlin ELKS (AUS,5/4(7)6/2)24; 5. Leonie MEYER / Hahlbrock Maren (Kiel,6/5/5/3(10))29; 6. Maria CANTERO / Ana HERNANDEZ (ESP,9(9)6/4/5)33;


Nacra 17: (Finales Tag 1) 1. Tim SHUWALOW / Hanna KLINGA (SWE,9/8/1/3) Punke 21; 2. Iker MARTINEZ / Tara PACHECO (ESP,4/11/6/2)23; 3. Vittorio BISSARO / Silvia SICOURI (ITA,5/5/10/6)26; 4. Jason WATERHOUSE / Lisa DARMANIN (AUS,1/17/9/1)28; 5. Matias BÜHLER / Brugger Nathalie (SUI,7/3/14/5)29; 6. SIBELLO Pietro / RATTEMEYER Lisa (ITA,10/7/3/9)29;


Finn: (Finales Tag 1) 1. ANDREWS Mark (GBR,1/3/8/1) Punkte 13; 2. Andrew MILLS (GBR,2/1/4/7)14; 3. Lauri VÄINSALU (EST,16/6/6/2)30; 4. Piotr KULA (POL,7/2/5/17)31; 5. Deniss KARPAK (EST,6/19/3/6)34; 6. Tomas VIKA (CZE,17/7/2/10)36;


470 M: (Finales Tag 1) 1. Anton DAHLBERG / Fredrik BERGSTRÖM (SWE,2/6/1/1) Punkte10; 2. Luke PATIENCE / Joe GLANFIELD (GBR,6/1/2/2)11; 3. David BERGEHR / Lukas MÄHR (AUT,4/8/13/5)30; 4. Mike WOOD / Hugh BRAYSHAW (GBR,16/10/5/4)35; 5. Kazuto DOI / Kimihiko IMAMURA (JPN,13/12/6/9)40; 6. Simon SIVITZ KOSUTA / Jas FARNETI (ITA,10/9/19/3)41;


470 W: (Finales Tag 1) 1. Afrodite KYRANAKOU / Anneloes van VEEN (NED,2/4/1/4) Punkte 11; 2. Sophie WEGUELIN / Eilidh MCINTYRE (GBR, 1/5/3/5)14; 3. Lara VADLAU / Jolanta OGAR (AUT,5/6/7/1)19; 4. Agnieszka SKRZYPULEC / Natalia WOJCIK (POL,3/10/9/2)24; 5. Michelle BROEKHUIZEN / Marieke JONGENS (NED,11/3/2/10)26; 6. Joanna FREEMAN / Katie TOMSETT (GBR,6/8/5/7)26;


Laser Standard: (Finales Tag 1) 1. Robert SCHEIDT (BRA,1/4/4/6) Punkte 15; 2. Jesper STÅLHEIM (SWE,4/3/9/1)17; 3. Ashley James BRUNNING (AUS,2/2/5/12)21; 4. Philipp BUHL (Sonthofen,3/8/3/14)28; 5. Bruno FONTES (BRA,8/1/10/13)32; 6. Nicholas HEINER (NED,5/11/12/5)33;


Laser RAD.: (Finales Tag 1) 1. Paige RAILEY (USA,3/3/6/2) Punkte 14; 2. Tuula TENKANEN (FIN,1/17/4/1)23; 3. Josefin OLSSON (SWE,5/7/1/11)24; 4. DROZDOVSKAYA Tatiana (BLR,2/11/2/10)25; 5. Franziska GOLTZ (Kiel,6/13/5/4)28; 6. Jacob Oren (ISR,14/6/12/6)38;


Melges 24: (10) 1. Lucia GIORGETTI / Lucia GIORGETTI, Enrico FONDA, Federico BUSCAGLIA, Vittorio ROSSO (ITA,4/1/1/1/1(6)1/3/4/1) Punkte 23; 2. Markus WIESER / Vedder Basti, Braslavats Evgenij, Wieser Vanessa, Morino Victor (Berlin,7/4/3/3/2/5/3/1/2(14))44; 3. John DEN ENGELSMAN / Rikst DIJKSTRA, Rob VAN BURIK, Rinse UBBINK, Willem Jan VAN DORT (NED,1/2/6/2/3/9/2(10)8/3)46; 4. Marc Wain PEDERSEN / Brian Bøjland HABEKOST, Bohm Claes, Simon ØSTERGAARD (DEN,11/3/2(12)6/4/4/6/5/2)55; 5. Wietze ZETZEMA / Carrie HOWE, Friso van VOLLENHOVEN, Mirthe Kramer, Rob SCHUTTE (NED,2/7/7/4/7/1/7/4(16)11)66; 6. Markus SCHEEL / Arne HORN, Robin GUENZEL, Sönke BOY (Heiligenhafen,3/8/8/6/5/8/10/2/1(19))70;


Platu 25: (10) 1. Jens AHLGRIMM / Mathias GEDRANGE, Nils THEUERKAUF, Stefan THEUERKAUF, Stephan MÖLLE (Stuttgart,1/2(7)1/5/1/3/2/6/2) Punkte 30; 2. Gordon NICKEL / Morten NICKEL, Nils Mathes FIEGE, Nils Merten FÄRBER, Sebastian RÖSKE (Stade,4/3/2/2/2/3/2/4/5(6))33; 3. André TEUTENBERG / Jan TEUTENBERG, Jens WEHRENBRECHT, Lars TEUTENBERG, Sven WEHRENBRECHT (Dortmund,3/1/1/6/4/2/5/6/3(7))38; 4. Ingo LOCHMANN / Christian MAEDEL, Jens STEINBORN, Matthias KRÜGER, Timo CHORROSCH (Berlin,6/7/8.7 4/3(14)1/1/1/1)46.7; 5. Mathias BERMEJO / Erich BUHOLZER, Markus RINDLISBACHER, Roland KUNZ, Samuel RIGERT (SUI,7(8)5/3/1/4/4/8/2/5)47; 6. Nauck DANIEL / Powilleit ERIK, Hübner Reinhard, Santora ERIK, Kurth Steffen 2/6/6/5/6/6(9)5/4/4)53;


J80: (10) 1. Martin MENZNER / Carsten HOPP, Frank LICHTE, Mika ROLFS (Stein,1/1/1/1/1(2)1/1/1/1) Punkte 11; 2. Hauke Krüss / Ole SARTORI, Susanne SARTORI, Schytt-Nielsen Rune (GER,4/5/7/3/5/4/2/3(9)5)47; 3. Flemming DJERNES / Jørn ANDERSEN, Kim LØNDAL, Søren Bro MIKKELSEN (DEN,10/4/5/5(12)3/3/2/4/3)51; 4. Matthias HERZBERG / Paul KOHLHOFF, Sven JOHNSON, Tilmann David -WALEK (Strande,5/6/6/2/2/1(19)10/11/4)66; 5. Niklas OHLING / Daniel JESCHONOWSKI, Karoline OTTING, Milena MUELLER (Hamburg,(19)9/3/6/4/6/7/8/2/2)66; 6. Karsten THODE / Micha JÜTTNER, Stefan LUKOSCHEK, Tim REIMERS 3/2/2/9/7(12)5/5/5/10)60;


SB20: (10) 1. Daniel SPÄNLE / Herbold Ines, Krauß Konstantin, Tobias SPÄNLE (Niestetal,1/1(4)2/2/1/2/3/1/2) Punkte 19; 2. Nils BELTERMANN / Christian Zieger, Nico GEBHARDT (Hamburg,2/2/2/1/1(4)4/4/2/1)23; 3. SYRING Fabian / CHRISTIANSEN Maike, FRIEDRICH Maximilian, GOSDA Roland (Hamburg,3/3/3/3/3/3/3/2(4)4)31; 4. GLAZUNOV Dmitri / NOUVAKOVSKIY Andrey, BORODINOV Sergey (RUS,5/5(6)4/4/2/1/1/3/5)36; 5. Michael KOCK / David GALLEGO, Sylvie GALLEGO (Lütjensee,6/6/5(8)5/5/8/5/5/3)56; 6. Andreas ERNST / Matthias BRENDEL, Herbert ERNST (Niesky,4/4/1(8)8/8/8/8/8/8)65;


Albin Express: (10) 1. Morten ARNDAL / Anette B. HANSEN, Dennis PETERSEN, Jacob KRÆS, Martin DYXENBURG (DEN,2/3/1/3/1(12)1/1/2/1) Punkte 27; 2. Andreas PINNOW / Anna ZIEBARTH, Johann TAMMEN, Malte NÄTHKE, Julian HELLER (Kiel,1/1(4)1/2/1/3/4/4/2)23; 3. Hans Christian ERBS / Bjarne Grønning PEDERSEN, Jeppe Bohn DJURTOFT, Klaus LAURIDSEN (DEN,3/2/2/2(12)12/2/2/1/3)41; 4. Nils KRAFFT / Moritz BLUME, Nele SCHUMACHER, Niels JOSEPH (Ellerbek,4(5)5/4/3/3/5/5/3/5)42; 5. Jesper NØRBO SØRENSEN / Jesper SCHØLLHAMMER, Rasmus CHRISTENSEN, Steen ROSENSTAND (DEN,6/6/3/7(12)2/7/3/6/4)56; 6. Holger RÖVENSTHAL / Kerstin GATZKE, Rosenthal Martin, Stephan SCHINDEL (Kiel,(8)4/6/5/4/4/8/7/5/7)58;


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