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Philipp Buhl wins third gold medal for Germany


Hundreds of spectators in front of the video screen at the Audi Arena in Schilksee and probably thousands via the internet on their computer could watch it live.

The Kiel Week Medal Races. One medal after another was given away - in the Paralympic class 2.4mR and then in the eight Olympic classes. Great Britain gained three gold medals Germany got also three and Spain, Austria and Finland could gain one each.

For the finish of the Olympic classes, Philipp Buhl (Sonthofen) could defend his title in the Laser and relegated the two-time Olympic winner Robert Scheidt (Brazil) and Jesper Staelheim (Sweden) to the fringe.

In the 49er, Nico Delle Karth/Nikolaus Resch (Austria) stayed in charge to win the race. With a capsize in the first of three Medal Races, Eric Heil/Thomas Ploessel (Kiel) had only a theoretical chance, won the second race on the Kiel TV broadcasting course, acknowledged by the spectators with applause. But it did not help. With a victory in the last race, Delle Karth/Resch demonstrated, who is number one at this year's Kiel Week. Pavle Kostov/Petar Cupac (Croatia) were on rank three.

After Heiko Kroeger (2.4mR), Tina Lutz/Susann Beucke (Bergen/Strande) won the second gold medal for Germany. The crew from Strande and Munich was the early Kiel Week winner after two of the three Medal Races in the Olympic 49er FX.  After the success at the EUROSAF Sailing Champions Cup at Medemblik, this was the second coup, with the Australian crews Olivia Price/Caitlin Elks und Tessa Parkinson/ Chelsea Hall following on rank two and three. Victoria Jurczok/Anika Lorenz (Kiel) made it onto rank four.

In the Nacra 17, the three-time 49er World Champion Iker Martinez with his crew Tarai Pachieco gained the victory.  The Spaniard won gold at the Olympics in 2004 in Greece with his crew Xabier Fernandez in the 49er and silver in 2008. The 36 year old Basque-born participated in Kiel with Tara Pachieco in the mixed catamaran and won.  In the final, the Spaniard did relegate the former leading Australian Jason Waterhouse/Lisa Darmanin to rank two. Place three goes to the Austrian team Thomas Zajac/Tanja Chiara Frank.

Lisa Rattemeyer/Pietro Sibello (Kiel/Italy) made it onto rank eight in total and missed the medal races.

Mark Andrews (Great Britain) and Dennis Karpak (Estonia) and Piotr Kula (Poland) did win in the Finn. Best German Finn sailor was Lennart Luttkus on rank 22.

The 470 was dominated by the British sailors. Luke Patience/Joe Glanfiled triumphed over their fellow countrymen Nick Rogers/Elliot Willis and the Austrians Matthias Schmidt/Florian Reichstaedter.

The third gold medal for Great Britain in Kiel was won by the 470 women.  Sophie Weguelin/Eilidh McIntyre could ensure the victory by winning the Medal Race, with the same point score as the Dutch team Kyranakou/Anneloes van Veen on rank two  and the Austrian team on rank three Lara Vadlau/Jolanta Ogar.

Tuula Tenkanen from Finland pointed out her special position and let another victory follow the five first places in the fleet races. Three-times Kiel Week winner Paige Railey (USA) won silver, followed by Joselfin Olsson from Sweden.  The German participant at the Olympics in Weymouth, Franziska Goltz (Kiel), who entered the Medal Race on rank three, did make it onto rank five in the end. „There is a hell of a lot of wind.  My legs already hurt“, Goltz was already sceptical before the start.



2.4mR: (14) 1. Heiko KRÖGER (Ammersbek,1(3)1/1/1/1/1/1/2/1/1/1/1/1) Punkte 14; 2. Barend KOL (NED,2/1/5/2/3/6(8)5/8/4/2/2/4/2) 46; 3. Lasse KLÖTZING (Berlin,5(8)4/3/5/3/4/2/1/6/4/3/3/8)51; 4. Per AHRBOM (SWE,4/6/3/4/2/7/5(10)4/2/5/8/2/3)55; 5. Kevin CANTIN (FRA ,3/2/6/5/4/9(14)7/5/7/6/6/6/4)70; 6. Henrik Johnsson (SWE,(24)5/2/6/6/5/2/3/10/3/3/4/24/24)97

49er: (Medal Race) 1. Nico Luca Marc DELLE KARTH / Nikolaus Leopold RESCH (AUT,3/2/3/1) Punkte 9; 2. Erik HEIL / Thomas PLÖßEL (Kiel,6/8/1/2)17; 3. Pavle KOSTOV / Petar CUPAC (CRO,9/7/2/4)22; 4. Will PHILLIPS / Rhys MARA (AUS,12/1/8/5)26; 5. Justus SCHMIDT / Max BOEHME (Kiel,15/5/4/8)32; 6. Lukasz PRZYBYTEK / Pawel KOLODZINSKI (POL,21/3/5/7)36; 7. Ryan SEATON / Matthew MCGOVERN (IRL,18/6/6/6)36; 8. Carl P SYLVAN / Otto HAMEL (SWE,24/4/7/3)38

49er FX: (Medal Race) 1. Tina LUTZ / Susann BEUCKE (Bergen,6/1/2/2) Punkte 11; 2. Olivia PRICE / Caitlin ELKS (AUS,12/7/3/1)23; 3. Tessa PARKINSON / Chelsea HALL (AUS,9/5/4/8)26; 4. Victoria JURCZOK / Anika LORENZ (Kiel,3/8/8/7)26; 5. Haylee OUTTERIDGE / Nina CURTIS (AUS,18/2/1/6)27; 6. Leonie MEYER / Hahlbrock Maren (Kiel,15/3/6/3)27; 7. Maria CANTERO / Ana HERNANDEZ (ESP,21/4/5/4)34; 8. Jule GÖRGE / Lotta GÖRGE (Kiel,24/6/7/5)42

Nacra 17: (Medal Race) 1. Iker MARTINEZ / Tara PACHECO (ESP,2/1) Punkte 3; 2. Jason WATERHOUSE / Lisa DARMANIN (AUS,1/2)3; 3. Thomas ZAJAC / Tanja Chiara FRANK (AUT,3/4)7; 4. Tim SHUWALOW / Hanna KLINGA (SWE,6/3)9; 5. Matias BÜHLER / Brugger Nathalie (ESP,5/5)10; 6. Gemma JONES / Jason SAUNDERS (NZL,4/6)10

Finn: (Medal Race) 1. Andrews Mark (GBR,1/1) Punkte 2; 2. Deniss KARPAK (EST,3/3)6; 3. Piotr KULA (POL,2/4)6; 4. Tomas VIKA (CZE,6/2)8; 5. Andrew MILLS (GBR,4/5)9; 6. Greg DOUGLAS (CAN,5/6)11

470 M: (Medal Race) 1. Luke PATIENCE / Joe GLANFIELD (GBR,1/2) Punkte 3; 2. Nick ROGERS / Elliot WILLIS (GBR,4/1)5; 3. Matthias SCHMID / Florian REICHSTÄDTER (AUT,3/3)6; 4. Anton DAHLBERG / Fredrik BERGSTRÖM (SWE,2/4)6; 5. Liangdao WENG / Qiaowen LIN (CHN,5/5)10; 6. Hugo FEYDIT / Charlie AGENAU (FRA,6/6)12

470 W: (Medal Race) 1. Sophie WEGUELIN / Eilidh MCINTYRE (GBR,4/1) Punkte 5; 2. Afrodite KYRANAKOU / Anneloes van VEEN (NED,2/3)5; 3. Lara VADLAU / Jolanta OGAR (AUT,1/4)5; 4. Annina WAGNER / Elisabeth PANUSCHKA (GER,6/2)8; 5. Agnieszka SKRZYPULEC / Natalia WOJCIK (POL,3/6)9; 6. Anna BURNET / Flora STEWART (GBR,5/5)10

Laser Standard: (Medal Race) 1. Philipp BUHL (Sonthofen,3/1) Punkte 4; 2. Robert SCHEIDT (BRA,2/2)4; 3. Jesper STÅLHEIM (DEN,1/5)6; 4. Ashley James BRUNNING (AUS,4/3)7; 5. Karl-Martin RAMMO (EST,5/4)9; 6. Bruno FONTES (BRA,6/6)12

Laser Radial: (Medal Race) 1. Tuula TENKANEN (FIN,1/1) Punkte 2; 2. Paige RAILEY (USA,2/3)5; 3. Josefin OLSSON (SWE,5/2)7; 4. Drozdovskaya Tatiana (BLR,4/4)8; 5. Franziska GOLTZ (Kiel,3/6)9; 6. Viktorija ANDRULYTE (LTU,6/5)11


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